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Fellow compatriots, the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone will begin voter registration as scheduled on Saturday the 3rd.September in readiness for 24 June 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council elections.

The voter registration process will be in two phases. Each phase takes 15 days and at every phase, the designated registration centers will be opened at 07 AM and closed at 5 PM across the country in every constituency and ward. The first phase will start on 3rd September and ends on 17th September. The Commission will need two days to mobilize equipment and staff across the country to start the 2nd phase on 20th September and ends on 4th October 2022.

I encourage every eligible Sierra Leonean including those who will be 18 years old on 24th June 2023 to turn out in your numbers and present yourself at the registration center where you intend to vote and update your details.

 Documents required for registration are a valid Sierra Leonean passport, previous Voter ID card, a National ID card, certificate of registration from NCRA, or Sierra Leonean birth certificate.

 At the same time, we warn all those who intend to do or encourage double or underage registration not to attempt because they would be caught and prosecuted.

The Commission is working in collaboration with the Security sector to ensure the safety of lives and property.

The Commission is also working with EMB’s, local and international partners to ensure best practices and credibility of the process.

We will continue to work within the legal frame work to ensure that citizens have unhindered access to the registration centers and be registered.

The Commission has established a situation room at the ECSL Headquarters to respond to public concerns during this period. The public can call on a toll-free number 838 on Africell, Orange and Qcell networks.

Thank you for contributing toward a peaceful voter registration process for the June 2023 multi- tier elections.

2nd September 2022                                       

Do you know that there are THREE methods to check your registration details? Check it out now.

FYI: A total of 3,374,258 voters registered in the 2022 voter registration exercise.  Click here for breakdown


  1. It is your civic right and responsibility to register and vote in elections.
  2. Come out and register from 3rd September to 4th October 2022 to enable you to vote in the June 24, 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local council elections.
  3. If you don’t register now, you cannot vote.
  4. Disability is not inability; all persons with disabilities are encouraged to come out and register in order to vote in the 2023 elections.
  5. Bring your proof of identity when you come to register.
  6. One Sierra Leone, One Registration, One Identity Card.
  7. Women  are encouraged to come out in numbers to register
  8. Women are also encouraged to contest/vote in the 2023 elections.
  9. Voter registration is from 3rd September to 4th October 2022.
  10. If you will be 18 years or older on the eve of 24th June 2023, come out and register.
  11. Go to the nearest registration centre within your Ward and register between the period 3rd September to 4th October
  12. Registration Centres become Polling Centres on Election Day, so register at a centre in a Ward where you are ordinarily resident.
  13. All Registration Centres will open 7:00a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday/every day
  14. Make sure you collect your registration receipts after you register.
  15. Sierra Leone has a new registration system now; everybody must register again in 2022.
  16. See list of registration centres/polling centres here

please check regularly for date of exhibition and id cards distribution

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