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ECSL District Offices

Find all ECSL district offices by clicking on the "house icon" on the map below. To get directions, click on the arrow at the top right hand corner after clicking on the "house icon". The map will display the office hours of each district office. You can also find the contact phone numbers and email of the offices. If you are unable to reach a district office or head office, use the message us above to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions

In Sierra Leone, voters must be registered in order to be eligible to participate in an election. Voter registration is the process of verifying the identity of potential voters and entering their names and related information on a voters’ list.

hy Voter Registration? Voter registration is intended to ensure that everyone entitled to vote does so, prevent ineligible persons from voting and guard against multiple voting by the same person(s). Only those people who are on the Voters’ Register and present a Voters ID Card will be able to vote in the 2018 Elections. The registration exercise will produce a current, comprehensive, and accurate Civil and Voters’ Register, which the Election Commission will use to plan for the election. This include the required number of polling stations, materials and staff to conduct the elections.

The 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone. P The Public Elections Act (PEA 2012) P The National Civil Registration (NCRA) Act 2016

Voter registration will be conducted at Voter Registration Centres (VRC) countrywide. This is the physical building where registration will be done. All eligible persons must go to the nearest registration centre within his/her ward. Persons who live only temporarily in an area cannot register in that area. However, voters are allowed to transfer their registration from one polling centre to another where they permanently reside

To be allowed to register, you must meet all of the following requirements:

 Be Sierra Leonean by law

Be 17 years or older

Be of sound mind

Not imprisoned for conviction of a crime or under death sentence

 Be a resident in the area where he/she wishes to register

Note: If the eligibility, identity or residential status of an applicant is in doubt, the Registrar may request him/her to provide any of the following evidences:

 Nationality: a National ID card, a Sierra Leonean passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalisation or affidavit indicating Sierra Leonean nationality.

 Age: a National ID card, a Sierra Leonean passport, Drivers’ License birth certificate or affidavit indicating age.

 Residence: Local tax receipt, bills of public utilities, or affidavit indicating residence.

Note: An Applicant can also provide non-documentary proof of identity and eligibility when they cannot produce any of the above documents. Acceptable Non-documentary proof of identity and eligibility: Declaration by the following people:

 Paramount Chief

 Village Head

 Tribal Religious Leader

 Town Chief

 Head of Educational Institution

 Section Chief


Note: While testimony of any one of the above mentioned authorities is accepted, only the Registrar shall decide whether an applicant is eligible or not. An applicant has the right to appeal. Not eligible to register P Persons who have been committed to a mental asylum or judged to be insane P Persons who are imprisoned for conviction of a crime or under death sentence

No one is allowed to register in absentia; everyone is expected to register in person

 No one is allowed to register for another person

A person can register only once

Join the Queue Once you enter the centre, you will give your information to the Registration Officer at desk 1 to fill in a Form Next you will be directed to have your biometrics collected Collect your receipt and keep it in a safe place

The Registration Centre is the physical building where registration will take place. Voter registration will be conducted at locations called registration centres. In general, eligible Sierra Leoneans will vote at the same location where they have registered. There will be 3,300 voter registration centres. On polling day, this location is called Polling Centre.

It is estimated that approximately 3300 registration centreswill be required to carry out the process over the three week registration period scheduled for each ward

Each Registration Centre will serve a maximum of 2,000 voters.

Yes, eligible voters will vote at the same location where they have registered. On polling day, these locations will be called Polling Centre.

Each Voter Registration Centre will comprise a team of 3 officials:


Assistant Registrar

Data Entry Officer

The registration team will be monitored by the Ward Coordinators who in turn report to the District Electoral Officers (DEOs).

Eligible citizens ordinarily resident in the section/area where the registration centre is located NEC officials with ID Cards Party agents accredited by NEC Journalists who carry Press Cards Observers accredited by NEC

There will be Sierra Leone Police personnel attached generally to each centre. Police attached to the registration centre are only allowed in the outer perimeter of the centre, unless otherwise requested by the Registrar. The Registrar: 

  • May suspend registration if the centre is threatened by riot, violence, storm, flood, or any other occurrence that will make the proper conduct of registration impossible.
  • Must suspend registration if advised to do so by the WCs or the Police. 
  • In the case of an unforeseen suspension of registration, as soon as it is practical, inform the WCs of the suspension. Should make sure that the following sensitive materials are not left behind.

During the 2012 election process, the NEC used biometric Voter Registration, which was also new process for Sierra Leone.For the next voter registration exercise, the NEC will undertake the establishment of a permanent register using the same biometric technology, similar to that done for the 2012 biometric voter registration. An initial field data capture for 28 days will target Sierra Leonean citizens (17 years and older) using all the required fields for the Civil register.

Civil Registration is the system by which government records (in a continuous, permanent, compulsory and universal manner) the occurrence and characteristics of vital events (births, deaths, marriages, adoptions, nullities, divorces, etc.) related to its citizens and non-citizens, as provided by and in accordance with an established legal framework. The resulting data base is called a National Civil Register


  1. It is your civic right and responsibility to register and vote in elections.
  2. Come out and register from 3rd September to 4th October 2022 to enable you to vote in the June 24, 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local council elections.
  3. If you don’t register now, you cannot vote.
  4. Disability is not inability; all persons with disabilities are encouraged to come out and register in order to vote in the 2023 elections.
  5. Bring your proof of identity when you come to register.
  6. One Sierra Leone, One Registration, One Identity Card.
  7. Women  are encouraged to come out in numbers to register
  8. Women are also encouraged to contest/vote in the 2023 elections.
  9. Voter registration is from 3rd September to 4th October 2022.
  10. If you will be 18 years or older on the eve of 24th June 2023, come out and register.
  11. Go to the nearest registration centre within your Ward and register between the period 3rd September to 4th October
  12. Registration Centres become Polling Centres on Election Day, so register at a centre in a Ward where you are ordinarily resident.
  13. All Registration Centres will open 7:00a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday/every day
  14. Make sure you collect your registration receipts after you register.
  15. Sierra Leone has a new registration system now; everybody must register again in 2022.
  16. See list of registration centres/polling centres here

please check regularly for date of exhibition and id cards distribution

Thank you for registering!!

ECSL will announce exhibition and id cards distribution dates

Note that after registration is completed on 4th Oct, there will be exhibition and distribution of ID cards. During this time, you can verify to ensure that your correct info is on the voter register.

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