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Every Ballot Paper Counts!!

Cast your ballot accurately

Voting is a key demonstration of democratic nation. As you go through the following steps to cast your vote, make sure you follow the procedures accurately so that your vote can be counted.

Note: Everything will boil down to how you mark the ballot paper. Make sure you accurately mark the ballot within the designated marking spaces  without any overlap.

Correct Ballot MarkingsDownload Full voting Steps

Voting Procedure

When a registered voter goes to vote at his / her polling centre, s/he will go through the following procedures.

Steps for Accurate Voting

As the voter arrives, s/he will:

Join the queue to enter the polling centre, and wait in an orderly manner.

Present his/ her Voter’s ID Card to the NEC Queue Controller if asked to.

This is so that the queue Controller can check that the voter is at the correct polling centre.

Rejoin Queue / Go to correct station

Move forward to his/her designated polling STATION. S/he must join the queue again to enter this station, and wait in an orderly manner.

Wait in Queue

When the voter reaches the front of the queue at his/her polling STATION, s/he will:


Present your Voter’s ID card to the NEC Identification Officer

ECSL Ballot Issuer

The voter now proceeds as directed to the NEC Ballot Issuer

Marking Ballot

The voter now proceeds as directed to stand behind an empty screen and mark his/her ballot papers.

Drop Ballot Paper into Ballot Box

The voter now precedes from the voting screen to place her/his ballot papers in the respective ballot boxes.

Finger Marking and Exit Station

When the voter has placed his/her 2 ballot papers into the ballot boxes, s/he will then move the Ballot Box Controller to get his / her finger ink. 

Finger Marking Station

All voters MUST have their finger inked. This is a legal requirement to prevent electoral fraud. The police will be called to deal with any voter who refuses to have their finger inked


Do you know that there are THREE methods to check your registration details? Check it out now.

FYI: A total of 3,374,258 voters registered in the 2022 voter registration exercise.  Click here for breakdown


  1. It is your civic right and responsibility to register and vote in elections.
  2. Come out and register from 3rd September to 4th October 2022 to enable you to vote in the June 24, 2023 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local council elections.
  3. If you don’t register now, you cannot vote.
  4. Disability is not inability; all persons with disabilities are encouraged to come out and register in order to vote in the 2023 elections.
  5. Bring your proof of identity when you come to register.
  6. One Sierra Leone, One Registration, One Identity Card.
  7. Women  are encouraged to come out in numbers to register
  8. Women are also encouraged to contest/vote in the 2023 elections.
  9. Voter registration is from 3rd September to 4th October 2022.
  10. If you will be 18 years or older on the eve of 24th June 2023, come out and register.
  11. Go to the nearest registration centre within your Ward and register between the period 3rd September to 4th October
  12. Registration Centres become Polling Centres on Election Day, so register at a centre in a Ward where you are ordinarily resident.
  13. All Registration Centres will open 7:00a.m to 5 p.m. Monday to Sunday/every day
  14. Make sure you collect your registration receipts after you register.
  15. Sierra Leone has a new registration system now; everybody must register again in 2022.
  16. See list of registration centres/polling centres here

please check regularly for date of exhibition and id cards distribution

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