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Nominated Candidates

See a list of candidates in your constituency and ward and decide who deserves your vote. Scroll down to the bottom of this page search for potential candidates in your constituency.

Democracy and Good Governance

Democracy in Sierra Leone has a multiparty system. There can be as many as twenty political parties vying for a position in your ward and constituency. Election comes in various forms throughout the year. There are general and presidential elections which take every five years. In addition, there are by-elections taking place throughout the year. These by-elections can happen to be in your area at any time. You will know when there is by-elections by seeing political parties coming to your area to campaign. Or you can subscribe to ECLS newsletter here. The Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) is a credible, independent, neutral, and well-resourced institution responsible for conducting elections in Sierra Leone. ECSL has responsibility to present to you all those candidates vying for positions in your ward and constituency so that you can make informed decision during elections. 

Presidential Contenders

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Nominated Members of Parliament

Nominated Chairperson 2023

Nominated Mayor 2023

Nominated Councillors 2023

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