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Election Roadmap

Election Cycle 2020 - 2024

By-election and Paramount Chieftaincy elections

Possible Conduct of Bye-elections and paramount chieftaincy election

Nov 2020

Voter Register Update

Preparation for the update of voters Register

Dec 2020

Field Data Capture

Log preparation for voter registration update (field data capture)

Read MoreJan 2021

Field Registration

First Voter registration update (field registration)

Feb - Apr 2021

Data Processing

Voter registration data processing

Read MoreMay - August 2021

Voter Registration Exhibition

First voter registration exhibition

Sept - Oct 2021

Finalize Registration

Finalize registration of voters

Dec 2021

Voter Cards

Printing of voter cards

Jan 2022

Second Voter Registration Update

Distribute voter cards and second voter registration update.

Feb - Mar 2022

Local Government Elections

Local government elections.

June - July 2022

Second Voter Registration Exhibition

Second voter registration exhibition.

Sept - Oct 2022

Finalize Voter Register

Finalize voter register.

Dec 2022

Second Update Voter Cards

Print voter cards (for second update voter registration update).

Jan 2023

Voter Cards Distributions

Distribute voter cards ( second registration update)

Feb - Mar 2023

PCMP Elections

PCMP elections

May 2023

Presidential and Parliamentary Elections

General and presidential elections

Jun - July 2023

Village Head Elections

Village head elections

OCT 2023

Boundary Delimitation Review

Preparation for the review of electoral boundaries delimitation for constituency, ward and villages (Ward C)

Jan - Apr 2024

Post-Election Evaluation

Post election evaluation

May - Jun 2024

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