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National Stakeholders

Free and fair elections can not be achieved without the involvement of stakeholders. ECSL calls on all stakeholders to keep working with ECSL to achieve that goal.

Political parties

That Political Parties shall recognize the constitutional roles and responsibilities of the Government and the various national institutions, and pledge to engage in constructive dialogue among each other and with all other relevant stakeholders to ensure peaceful, free, and credible elections to be held in Sierra Leone

That Political Parties shall conduct their activities according to the laid down rules and regulations and shall not engage in illegal campaign activities, rallies and processions or acts aimed at undermining the campaigns of their  competitors.  The Political Parties shall refrain from campaign activities until National Electoral Commission authorizes them to do so and/ or make pronouncement to that effect.

Sierra Leone Police

The Sierra Leone Police, as a state institution that has primacy in the maintenance of law and order, shall act in an independent and professional manner in accordance with Sierra Leone’s relevant laws and applicable international standards.


The Political Parties Registration Commission shall hold regular consultative meetings with the political parties as well  as other   relevant   institutions          to   ensure   timely   resolution       of any potential   problems   and        misunderstandings during the electoral process. Further, the Political Parties Registration Commission will  continue  to advocate for   technical   and                logistic  support  for  the  country’s registered political parties and offer mediation services to political parties to resolve intra or inter-party  disputes.

Paramount Chiefs and Traditional Authorities

In accordance with the Code of Conduct for paramount chiefs and traditional authorities adopted on 22nd April 2011 hereby undertake to remain neutral and remain “above the cloud” in all matters relating to political activities befitting the dictates  and dignity of the office they hold

The media

  1. Independent Media Commission

The Independent Media Commission shall, in accordance with its mandate, continue  to regulate  the  print  and  broadcast  media with the  goal of combating the  broadcast  of inciting messages and the dissemination of offensive materials which have the potential to derail the upcoming elections

  1. Sierra Leone Association Of Journalists (SLAJ)

The Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and the Guild of Editors certainly have important responsibilities to the people of Sierra Leone, particularly during this crucial election period. They both undertake to work with their respective membership and all publishers and editors of the  print media to avoid  publications and/ or the broadcast of material that will be prejudicial  to  the conduct of the elections. They undertake to ensure that their journalistic output is balanced and avoid incitement or material that could lead to ethnic discord and/ or a breach  of  the  peace.  In seeking and telling the truth they shall resist temptation to resort to character assassination of  political actors and  others who may wish to engage in the service of their country.

  1. Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC)

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation accepts its unique role as an independent national broadcaster which came into being following the closure of political party radio stations as agreed in the April 2009 Joint Communique. As such, the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation pledges that all shades of political opinion will enjoy equitable access to its services.  Further, it shall establish an Elections coverage mechanism comprising representatives of all registered political parties to formulate guidelines on equitable political access that will be validated by the political parties.

  1. Political Party Newspaper

Political Party Newspapers, notwithstanding their responsibility to propagate the philosophy, ideas, manifesto of their parties and to show case candidates for the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council Elections, should ensure what they publish conforms with the IMC Code of Conduct.

National Commission For democracy

The Commission has a track record in advocating for democracy in Sierra Leone and is encouraged to promoting education for the culture of peace, citizenship, good governance, and nation building. The Commission is also encouraged to continue to advocate              for participation by the citizenry in the country’s democracy based on, among others, full knowledge of the democratic processes, the principles of equality,  the  adverse effects of ethnicity and regionalism in the country’s polity and the need for peace and non-violence. The Commission shall strengthen its coordination with the Political Parties Registration Commission.

      National Human rights Commission

The Commission should continue to monitor the electoral process to ensure adherence by all stakeholders to international human rights norms and standards and shall, through its existing mechanisms, promptly report human rights violations that have the potential to undermine the electoral process.

     Civil Society Engagement in Elections and Electoral Processes

The contribution of Sierra Leone’s civil society in monitoring and providing an independent assessment of the  elections, sensitizing the citizenry on the electoral process and assisting in critical voter education efforts as well as advocating for political tolerance and non-violence cannot be overstated. All stakeholders fully acknowledge the vital role of civil society in this endeavor and pledge their cooperation to enable it to discharge the aforesaid responsibilities.

     Women Political Participation

Securing the passage of the Gender Equality Bill by  Parliament and its implementation is the next step in achieving an increase in women’s  representation  in  Parliament,  local  councils,  Government and non-Government institutions. The Women Support Solidarity Group, APPWA, the Women’s Forum, MARWOPNET and other women’s organizations will work closely with the concerned stakeholders in furthering  ongoing  efforts  at  advancing  gender equality.

     Role of the Youth and the National Youth Commission Sierra Leone

The National Youth Commission should be pivotal in rallying youth serving organizations and youth organizations in promoting a non – violent culture among youth during  the  entire  electoral process.

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