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The attention of the Electoral Commission has been drawn to some misinformed allegations against the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) regarding the procurement of voter registration equipment and systems.

The ECSL is therefore making the following clarifications:

· The ECSL carried out two separate and distinct procurement activities using the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) processes with regards to:

· Supply of 2,000 high-specifications laptop computers of 2 terabyte storage capacity and accessories including 2,000 fingerprint scanners, 2,000 USB drives, 2000 laptop carrying boxes etc.

· Supply of voter registration software to verify and confirm registrants who present themselves for voter registration by using biometric authentication.

· Supply of 1,850 portable solar-powered generators.

· The ICB procurement processes required international bidders not registered in Sierra Leone to provide evidence of business partnerships with businesses that are registered in Sierra Leone. Local bidders who are registered and based in Sierra Leone were not required to meet this requirement.

· The ECSL ensured that the evaluation of bids received followed the standard procurement stages of evaluation:

o Preliminary evaluation

o Technical evaluation

o Financial evaluation

· The ECSL further ensured that only bids that had successfully gone through the Preliminary and Technical evaluations were allowed to be evaluated at the financial evaluation stage.

· At the Financial evaluation stage, the ECSL selected the ‘Most Responsive Bidder’ with the lowest price for the above-mentioned procurement activities.

· As a mandatory requirement, National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) endorsed the evaluation decisions of ECSL regarding the above-mentioned procurement activities. The NPPA reviewed the entire procurement processes and approved the evaluation decisions of ECSL with the issuance of No Objection clearance.

· The ECSL has received all the items as specified in the above-mentioned procurement activities. (Laptop computers, scanners, USB drives, voter registration software and portable solar-powered generators).

· The ECSL also ensured that the ‘ECSL’ inscription is clearly engraved on all 2,000 laptop computers supplied.

The ECSL re-assures the public of its commitment to uphold its Guiding Principles and to continue to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding its procurement activities.

Endorsed by the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone

Dated 19th September 2022

Press Statement on Procurement of VR Equipment.pdf

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