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Request Transfer / Update of Registration

Maintaining your details on the electoral roll will ensure you are not removed from the roll. If you have moved, you are eligible to register at your new address, and if you have lived there for at least one month. Other personal details may be updated at any time.

Why register to vote in elections?

Do not wait until election day to update your information. Because your voice matters, ECSL wants to make sure your voice be heard at national level.

Civic Rights

You can exercise your civic right.

National Decision Making

You can decide which people and policies will determine the future of your families, community, and country.

Ability To Vote

You can participate in general and presidential elections, by-elections and referendums.


You can influence the way your country is ruled

Better Future

You can change your country for the better future for yourself, your children and generations to come


You deserve a voice. Let it be heard!

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