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Violent Free Campaign!!!

To All Registered Political Parties

A peaceful and violence-free election is one where all individuals have the opportunity to participate freely and express their choices without fear, intimidation, or violence. In such an election, all candidates and political parties are treated equally, and their rights to campaign and engage with voters are respected.

Violent-free elections promote democracy and ensure that the will of the people is expressed through a fair and transparent process. This requires a commitment from all stakeholders, including the government, political parties, civil society organizations, and citizens themselves.

To ensure a violence-free election, it is essential to establish a legal framework that guarantees the right to vote, and the right to freedom of speech and assembly. Additionally, law enforcement agencies must be adequately trained and resourced to maintain law and order and prevent violence or intimidation at polling stations.

Finally, all stakeholders must work to create an environment of tolerance, respect, and mutual understanding, where differences of opinion are acknowledged, and peaceful dialogue is encouraged. By doing so, we can ensure that elections are a celebration of democracy, rather than a source of conflict and division.

Sierra Leone ConstitutionCampaign MOU

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Commit to violent-free election

Committing to a violence-free election is a vital step towards promoting democracy, preserving human rights, and ensuring a peaceful and stable society. As a responsible citizen, I pledge to support the following principles to help achieve this goal: I will respect the rights of all individuals to freely express their opinions and participate in the electoral process without fear of intimidation or violence. I will refrain from any behavior or speech that could incite or provoke violence or hatred against any person or group based on their political affiliation, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other characteristic. I will encourage peaceful dialogue and engagement with others, even those who hold opposing views or political ideologies. I will work to prevent and report any acts of violence, intimidation, or other forms of electoral misconduct that I may witness or become aware of. I will uphold the rule of law and respect the decisions of the electoral authorities, even if they do not reflect my personal preferences or beliefs. By committing to these principles, I demonstrate my dedication to promoting a violence-free election and a peaceful, democratic society.

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